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Multisensory and Mindful Products 

That bring delight to learning


Fun with Fractions

This publication offers 31 cartoon-like, multisensory, and interactive PowerPoint slides that:
- explain the concept of fractions
- provide real-life application
- present animated demonstrations
- suggests classroom activities

A second, 25-page pdf, offers fun printable activities!  

This a simple, yet comprehensive lesson unit that your students will be sure to love!

Mathemagic: Mastering Factoring and Mulitples

Mathemagic makes the learning factoring and multiples both enjoyable and memorable . Students learn the concept once and continue to remember the process over time. 

All of the following strategies are integrated into this publication:.
- Memory Strategies: Implementing memory strategies helps students encode the new material. 
- Hooking Techniques: Presenting hooking techniques is ideal for anxious learners that tend to forget what they know in testing situations.

  This strategy enables learners to see the answer in the question. 
- Sequence of Steps: Breaking down math computations into a series offers a step by step approach. 
- Drawing Strategies: Offering drawing activities allows creative learners to come up with their own, self-generated strategies. 
- Color Implementation: Providing coloring activities helps to make the learning process fun and relaxing. 
- Game Integration: Creating fun, interactive games as well as suggested kinesthetic learning activities allows students to  practice in groups.

Quantitative $ Spatial Puzzles Beginners

Quantitative & Spatial Puzzles Beginners: Remedial Activities that Improve Core Cognitive Skills for Math is a fun and multisensory way to strengthen the core cognitive skills required for math.  The areas of cognition that are exercised include quantitative reasoning, spatial relations, visual processing, fine motor dexterity, analytical skills, sequential processing and working memory.  These activities can be used as a cognitive remedial tool for students that have weaknesses or deficits that impact math.  Printouts can also be used as fun morning warmups, and activities can be in featured in math centers.

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Integer Ladder

Number Ladder

Rounding Rainbow

This new, multisensory and innovative approach teaches adding and subtracting by using a number ladder instead of a number line.  To add, students quickly learn to ascend up the ladder and to subtract they descend down the ladder.  Cute cartoon-like characters instruct the concept in a PowerPoint presentation and an additional PDF offers activities and games that your students will be sure to enjoy!

This publication is similar to the one above, but it covers both negative and positive numbers. Again, our cute cartoon-like characters teach the concept in a PowerPoint.  Furthermore, it you will get a PDF that offers activities and games.  This is a new multisensory and mindful method to teaching integers that students will be sure to love!

Rounding Rainbow is an fun and multisensory way to teach the concept of rounding numbers.  This colorful, 54 page document is available as a downloadable PDF and it is filled with instructional tools, worksheets and even a game.  Cute images, color coded steps and memory strategies make this a method that will empower and engage all types of learners.     

My Pet PEMDAS offers a 27-page digital download that makes Order of Operation lessons multisensory and enjoyable.  Beginning with cut-outs, students make their own pet PEMDAS mobile.  With more than 100 different combinations, each student can have their own unique mobile.  This project helps students understand the sequence of operations, because as the mobile turns, multiplication and division as well as addition and subtraction signs can reverse order.  After students finish their mobiles, they practice this new knowledge with brain-teasing activities. 


Place Value Panic offers 4 games-in-one and also a multisensory methodology to teach and practice place value.  Students love the tactile nature of this approach and the card games, too.  There are multiple levels: Beginners, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Advanced.  There are 4 sets of printable cards and 8 spinner boards. This download also offers lesson ideas, handouts, and the the innovative use of bottle tops and pom poms to help students understand and work with the concept. 

Place Value Panic

Piggy Banking

Kangaroo Hop Metric Conversion 

Kangaroo Hop Metric Conversion, Lessons, Practice, Activity and Game offers a multisensory and memorable method for the instruction and practice of metric conversions.  The decimal becomes a ball and students learn to hop with the kangaroo to the left or the right.  This publication includes guided lessons, printable strips that can be placed on each student's desk, activities and a game.  

Piggy Banking is a colorful, printable, downloadable game that helps students to learn money management.  Students/players learn to use a debit card, write a check, fill out a bank register, and even take a loan.  In addition, players tackle word problems about everyday math including tips, discounts, interest, rebates, and more.  Finally, players will learn all about banking and money management terms and vocabulary. 

Why Should We Learn About Angles?

Why Should We Learn About Angles? is my most popular math publication.  This downloadable PowerPoint instructs students about angles in a fun and multisensory way.  Students will learn how to identify the different types of angels in the world around us and even in their own bodies. In addition, they will learn memory strategies that will help them to encode and retrieve the new concepts. Finally, at the end of the presentation, you are offered a link to a video of Dr. Warren presenting even more fun and multisensory ideas.

Measurement Memory Strategies offers 22 PowerPoint slides that help young learners remember measurement conversions with the use of images that contain embedded memory strategies.  Students will learn conversions such as twelve inches in a foot, three feet in a yard, four cups in a quart, and two pints in a quart. What's more, students get to test their new knowledge during the lesson.  

Monster Long Multiplication offers a mindful and multisensory approach to teaching long multiplication. This colorful, 46 page, download presents instructional lessons and long multiplication handouts that address multiplying 1 x 2, 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 digits.  Cartoon-like characters, color-coded steps, templates, games as well as rhymes and ditties make this teaching method an exciting and empowering technique for all types of learners.  Additionally, this modality uses a grid to help students with lining up  problems and can assist those with fine motor difficulties and spatial weaknesses.  

MMDM makes learning math facts both fun and multisensory. The audio portion presents children skip counting to popular melodies, as well as a karaoke version.  The text portion  offers a new multisensory method, coloring activities, mazes, innovative handouts, and multiplication games.  All learning styles are addressed, so students can quickly learn challenging multiplication and division problems.   

Multiplication Monster: Long Multiplication

Measurement Memory Strategies

Multisensory Multiplication and Division to Melodies (MMDM)