Students work their way through 10 

different islands of activities  and games.

​​Hairy Phonics offers fun, animated lessons based on Orton-Gillingham principles that reviews sight words, explains how to blend individual sounds into a whole word and teaches how to break apart whole words into separate sound chunks. In addition, over 50 animations assist students in learning all the major phonemes - over 70 different sounds found in the English language.

Your children will finally have fun while learning the needed skills to be strong readers.
This product can be downloaded onto a Mac or PC for hours upon hours of
phonics fun!

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These are some fabulous online Orton-Gillingham based reading games. The program offers a research driven technology that accelerates reading skills and automaticity. I can't think of a better way to help struggling students get excited about learning to read!

​Nessy Reading offers:

– Reading assessments for tailored intervention
– Common Core progress monitoring
– Student performance monitoring
– Guided intervention and memory strategies
– Fabulously fun games that review syllables, sounds, syllabication, sight words, roots prefixes and suffixes and more.

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Nessy Numbers helps students to understanding and develop strategies for learning core mathematical concepts. 
Tables of Doom
Helps students master the times tables.  Players learning strategies and concepts that are reinforced with  games.  As they learn, children journey on a quest to help their monkey defeat the gorillas and rescue the imprisoned animals.
Clock Island
Helps students learn to tell the time.  Students help Mr. Hour and Mrs. Minute repair Clock Island and defeat the gorilla robot – Burtzilla! The characters explain strategies that make telling the time much easier to understand. 

This product can be downloaded onto a Mac or PC for hours upon hours of phonics fun!

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Nessy Fingers Touch Typing offers  a unique method that introduces the keys in the order of the alphabet!  Each lessons includes special strategies and memory techniques, and 9 different levels enable each student to begin at the needed level.  What's more,  games make practice fun, and students can win typing trophies in an underwater swimming race in the Nessy Time Trial.

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Nessy Fingers: Touch Typing 

Nessy Numbers

Nessy Reading & Spelling

Hairy Phonics

Nessy Products: HairyPhonics, Nessy Reading & Spelling, Nessy NumbersandNessy Fingers Touch Typing​​

Online and Downloadable Computer Games for Students with Dyslexia

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