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Multisensory and Mindful Products 

That bring delight to learning


Making Inferences: A Fun and Easy Way to Understand and Practice Implied Meaning is a 60-page workbook that offers instruction, activities and a game that teaches inference skills.  It begins with teaching inferences through hidden messages in images and then works up to implied meanings in product names, slogans, and metaphors.  It also offers a game and "crack the case" questions.

Mindful Visualization for Education:

Grammar Games Galore

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Learning grammar rules can be a challenging and tedious process for many young learners. However, bringing games and fun into the learning process can motivate and engage learners. Grammar Games Galore offers five, new, card games that will help entice students to master the different parts of speech. These games were created for 3-7 graders, but I often use them with my older students to review these key concepts.

Mastering Literary Devices

Mastering Literary Devices offers quick and easy handouts that review the forty most common Literary Devices. It also assists students in distinguishing between Literary Elements and Literary Techniques and reviews sixteen types of figurative language.  Printable, color-coded visuals and a graphic organizer helps to clarify the "big picture" and a multisensory activity helps students to encode the information reviewed.  What's more, a fun Literary Device game can be played with two students or a group of students in two teams.

Vowel Combinations Made Easy

Vowel Combinations Made Easy, a 46-page digital download, offers a new and multisensory approach to learning vowel team sounds.  Students get to find vowel combinations in hidden pictures, that can also be colored.  In addition, new knowledge is reinforced with printable mazes, as well as, card and other interactive games.

The Four Types of Sentences

The Four Types of Sentences offers step by step instructions on how to assist  students to quickly learn about and discriminate between the 4 types of sentence - declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative.  Adorable characters and memory strategies  help students to easily master this skill.

Teaching Visualization Power Points

The Main I-deer is an adorable, printable, 52-page, digital download that offers lessons, activities, graphic organizers, handouts, and games that will help you teach learners all about main ideas and supporting details.  The Main I-deer is a cartoon-like character that will walk your students through the process.


The Main I-deer

Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment

Vowel and Consonant Fabulously Fun Activities

Word Shuffle

Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings

Making Connections: Compound Word Games

Hey What's the Big Idea

Noodle the Noun Hound

Preppy the Preposition Penguin

GSL Reading Assessment is ideal for any Orton-Gillingham or phonics based reading instruction.  This publication was created to offer teachers, reading specialists and parents a simple assessment instrument that helps guide instruction so remedial needs can be addressed.  In addition, the assessment can be repeated after remedial intervention to help uncover areas of growth, as well as, topics that require continued intervention.


Vowel and Consonant Fabulous Fun Activities offers nine, fun activities and two games as a printable download.  The publication helps students discriminate between vowels and consonants, as well as upper and lower case letters. Activities also strengthen tracking, speed of processing, attention to detail, and spatial skills. The board game is a students' favorite because as they develop visual processing skills, they get to collect baby animals.  

Word Shuffle is a printable word game that is available as a digital download.   Players learn about parts of speech and grammar terms.  They also learn to utilize figurative language and literary terms.  This publication offers three levels (elementary, middle school and high school) so players of all ages can have loads of fun playing against themselves and each other.  

Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings, a 58 page downloadable workbook, offers an innovative, fun and multisensory method to teaching higher level reasoning.  Students learn to work with abstract and concrete nouns, words with multiple meanings, as well as similes and metaphors. Furthermore, they will learn to interpret idioms and sayings. These activities develop higher order language skills and mental flexibility through critical thinking and visualization.

Making Connections: Compound Word Games offers 40 pages of brain teasing activities as a printable PDF download.  As the activities develop students' understanding of compound words, they also develop sequential processing, language processing, mental flexibility and verbal reasoning. 


Hey, What's the Big Idea is another printable word game that helps students improve language skills, simultaneous processing and word recall.  Students learn about and apply the concept of main ideas and details – a primary skill needed when reading and writing!  Once a category card has been chosen from one of three skill levels, players race against the clock to write as many details as possible.  But, if details are organized under a main ideas, they score additional points.   ​

Noodle the Noun Hound is a downloadable, printable PDF that offers cute and creative lessons, memory strategies, handouts and games. Noodle, a cartoon-like-character, teaches students about the different kinds of nouns - including abstract nouns and concrete nouns.  Let Noodle the Noun Hound help you instruct to your class about how to sniff out nouns. ​

Prepositions are a Blast with Preppy the Preposition Penguin is a downloadable PDF document that presents comic book like explanations, an art project, handouts, multisensory strategies, and games.  Students create an igloo for Preppy. Then, they learn that a preposition is anything that Preppy can do to his igloo. Preppy can be on his igloo, in his igloo, under his igloo, and so on.  Let Preppy the Penguin teach your students all about prepositions in a multisensory, fun and mindful way!

These multisensory PowerPoint Presentations offer instructions on how to  develop visualization skills.  They also provide students the opportunity to practice their visualization abilities with each skill set and to then use all 10 skills in unison.  Application to other learning environments is also addressed.  ​                                    

The Reading Games Series offers printable board and card games for any Orton-Gillingham or phonics based reading program.  Take boring lists and lessons and make them fabulously fun with Dr. Warren's multisensory and mindful games!

Reading GameS Series


This comprehensive, downloadable PDF document (132 pages) teaches students how to visualize and use the senses for improved reading, writing, memory and subject based learning.  What's  more, it provides a review of the research, and offers assessments, activities and over 20 game-like activities that can be used to guide students to fully developing their mind's eye for optimal learning.


The Following Directions Series offers fun and multisensory game-like activities that strengthen language processing, attention to detail, listening comprehension, vocabulary and the foundational skills needed to follow written directions, and comprehend multiple choice tests and word problems.

The Reversing Reversals Series are my most popular publications and it works great with any reading program.  These four workbooks offer fun activities that  build and strengthen tracking, visual processing, auditory processing, and sequencing for improved language and math skills.  The products work on strengthening the core cognitive skills needed for optimal learning.  They are offered as digital downloads as well as shippable hardcopies.


Following Directions: the Fun and Easy Way

Making Inferences: the Fun and Easy Way

Reversing Reversals