Dyslexia is consistently found to be associated with cognitive deficits.  As a result, many of these learners require additional help at school or in your community by a qualified professional.  Remedial help needs to focus on strengthening areas of weaknesses, while nurturing abilities and developing compensatory learning strategies.  What's more, many of these learners possess both physical and emotional concerns that also require attention.


Common Cognitive Areas that Require Remediation:

  • Visual processing
  • Auditory processing
  • Language processing
  • Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN)
  • Memory
  • Executive functioning/Attention

These cognitive deficits can lead, in turn, to physical or emotional problems in what can become a destructive feedback spiral.

The continual association of reading with stress and frustration can result in adverse emotions such as:

Learned helplessness: When students feel that no matter how hard they try, failure  follows, these learners may give up and avoid learning altogether.
Fearful: When academic struggles become associated with adversity, students can experience the 3 Fs. 1) Fight - They will refuse to learn or do assignments. 2) Flight - They will avoid or even hide materials. 3) Freeze - They seem unable to process what they are learning.
Inadequacy: When these students compare themselves unfavorably to their peers, this can lead to withdrawal and feelings of inadequacy.
Anger/Frustration: Many dyslexics feel angry and frustrated when they are misunderstood, bullied or made to feel stupid by their peers or adults.
Shame: Some feel humiliation or distress caused by poor academic performance.

For some struggling learners physical problems result:  

Exhaustion: Great mental effort is expended to learn throughout the school day and this can cause mental fatigue.
Discomfort: With the emotional stress and cognitive strain that many students with dyslexia feel, their 
body may tense and they may experience shortness of breath.
Headaches or body pain: Daily strain and distress can also manifest in the body as headaches, body aches and digestive distress.  

Comprehensive Remediation  for Students with Dyslexia

For reading specialists, educational therapists, teachers, homeschoolers, and parents.

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